Little Stepping Stones has two daily care programs, as well as after school and summer programs
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Tuition is due on each Monday for the upcoming week. Tuition is always paid in advance, never in arrears.

There will be a late payment fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) charged to any account that has not paid tuition by the close of the day on Tuesday.

Pay By Check
Payments by check should be placed in the Tuition Box at the front counter in the lobby. Please make all checks payable to Little Stepping Stones. There will be $35 fee for all returned checks.

Pay By Credit Card or Debit Card
We accept Visa and Mastercard, as well as bank debit cards. Any of the management staff can run your card and provide a receipt. If it is more convenient to pay by the month when using your credit card, please feel free to do so. Unfortunately we cannot offer discounts for early payment.

Pay By Cash
Should it be necessary for you to pay in cash, payment may only be accepted by a member of management and a receipt will be provided.


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