Little Stepping Stones has two daily care programs, as well as after school and summer programs
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Bad Weather Sick Child
Vacation Week Child Absence
Drop Off & Pickup Open Door
Emergency Closing Administering Medicine
Special Needs Biting Policy
Discipline Withdrawal from LSS
Meals and Snacks Accident or Emergency
Children's Belongings NC Law Summary (pdf)
When We're Closed


In the event of inclement weather, LSS will make every effort to be open as long as it is safe to do so. If we need to close for ice, snow, hurricanes, etc, we will post information to Facebook and post the closing on WRAL.

In the event weather starts during the day and we need to close early, we will post the information on WRAL and contact via telephone.
Be sure we have the necessary emergency numbers to contact.

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If your child has a temperature of 101 degrees, vomiting or diarrhea, we require you to keep your child home or we will contact you to come pick up your child. We appreciate how difficult it can be for parents to take time off from work to care for a sick child, but Little Stepping Stones does not have the facilities to care for sick children. If a child is unable to participate in the daily activities of the center, including outside play, the child should remain home.

If your child is sent home sick, he/she may NOT return to daycare for a full 24 hours after the sickness/fever has subsided. For example, if your child is sent home with diarrhea at 11AM, he/she can not return to the center until 11 AM the next morning, provided that your child has not had any further incidents. This not only provides your child with the opportunity to become completely well again, but also protects the other children in your child’s class from becoming infected.

The following is a list of some common childhood diseases and infections. Unless marked by an asterisk, children are not permitted to return to Little Stepping Stones unless treated by a physician, or symptoms are no longer apparent after twenty four hours. This is only a partial listing, so please check with Management if there are any questions concerning your child or other children in the classroom.

  • Chicken Pox
  • Conjunctivitis (pinkeye)
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever with a rash
  • Fifth Disease
  • Impetigo
  • Scabies
  • Lice
  • Scarlet Fever
  • Strep Throat
  • Vomiting
  • Whooping Cough
  • Measles
  • Hand Foot and Mouth *
  • Thrush *
  • Cold *
  • Roseola *
  • Ringworm *

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Families are allowed one week of vacation time annually for which tuition will not be charged. Vacation time is to be taken in five consecutive working days. Your child must not be present at the center during this time. Families are eligible for one free vacation week after having been enrolled at Little Stepping Stones for one year. There must be a twelve month period between free vacation weeks. If you would like to use a vacation week, please notify Management one week in advance, so that a credit can be added to your account.

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Please notify the center if your child will not be attending for any specified time. Full tuition is still required for the week, unless your child is not present for five consecutive days and you wish to use your vacation week. If your child will not be picked up at public school, please notify the center by 2:30PM so that Management can delete your child from the daily pick up list for that day.

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Parents are to bring their child into the building and take their child to the appropriate classroom by 10:00 am each day. Children arriving after 10:00 am must notify Management prior to drop off.

Children MUST NOT be dropped off at the entrance of the building and left to enter on their own. Parents are to escort their child to the classroom and be sure that the caregiver is aware that the child has arrived and sign in on the Sign In Sheet. An ADULT must bring in and pick up each child daily.

Parents are to pick up their children from the appropriate classroom or designated room of use. Children will not be permitted to leave the building unattended. Once a parent has picked up the child and signed out on the Sign Out Sheet, the child should not be permitted to run in the building or wander off.

If someone other than the parent is going to pick up the child, the center must be notified in writing or by phone.
The party picking up the child must show valid identification before the child will be released.

Children are to be picked up by 6:30 pm each evening. A late fee of $1 per minute for the first five minutes and $5 per minute after the first five minutes will be assessed to your account for late pick ups.

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As a parent you are welcome at Little Stepping Stones at any time. We do not mind you visiting your child at any time during the day. Please keep in mind that some children have a hard time adjusting to another separation during the day. We all have your child’s best interest at heart and certainly do not want to expose your child to any unnecessary anxiety during the day. WE APPRECIATE ANY AND ALL PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT AT LITTLE STEPPING STONES.

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In the event of an emergency closing, you should check our FaceBook page or tune in to WRAL TV or go to “Little Stepping Stones” is listed under the daycare category.

We make every effort to have the center open for normal business hours, but our staff and the children’s safety is our number one priority. We will take all necessary precautions to maintain our safety, including closing the center early, opening late, or closing for the day. Be advised that if we are without electricity, water or phone service, the center will remain closed until all services are restored.

Please be sure that all phone numbers we have on file for your child are accurate.
(Click here for the form to update your contact information.) In the event of an emergency, we will need to contact you as quickly as possible.

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All medicine for children enrolled in Little Stepping Stones must have specific instructions and written permission for our staff to administer any medication. Instructions must be completed by either the child’s parent or physician and must include:

  1. Who the medicine is for
  2. How much is to be given
  3. What time the medicine should be given
  4. How often the medicine is to be given
  5. For what length of time; medication slips are good only for a one week period of time

Prescription medicines:

  • Must be the original container, bearing the original label
  • Must have complete instructions on the label or be accompanied by written instructions from a health professional which include 1-5 above
  • Must be administered only to the person for whom it was prescribed (Siblings may not take the same medication unless written orders from a physician are given)
  • Cannot be administered after its expiration date

Over the Counter Medicines:

All information under 1-5 of the above instructions must be followed, as well as:

  • A doctor must give instructions about dosage if the dosage conflicts with the instructions on the medicine bottle. However, a parent can write a statement that identifies the doctor who was contacted, the date the doctor was contacted and gives specific instructions about the dosage from the doctor.
  • Medicine can be kept and given to a child only for the length of time noted on the instructions, and never after its expiration date.
  • Medicine should only be left at the center while the child needs it.
  • Diaper rash medication requires a medicine slip to be filled out and can not state “AS NEEDED”. The same applies to fever reducing medicine and teething medicine.

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All children are welcome at LSS as long as their needs do not compromise the well-being or safety of other children. We are happy to support children dealing with physical, emotional or behavioral challenges and encourage parents to discuss these situations with us.

Parents must take responsibility to communicate and regularly update information related to their child's allergies, immunizations, medications or physical limitations. Though LSS will periodically request these updates, the parent or guardian of the child is responsible for providing current information in a timely fashion.

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Little Stepping Stones recognizes that biting is an undesirable, yet age appropriate, toddler behavior. We understand how upsetting it can be when a child bites or is bitten by another child. We also understand that toddlers bite for many different reasons, including: sensory exploration, teething, to determine cause and effect, attention, imitation, asserting their independence, frustration, fatigue and stress. Therefore, Little Stepping Stones does not focus on punishment for children who bite, but rather on teaching effective techniques to help the children learn more appropriate behaviors, as well as preventing biting before it occurs.

We do not terminate the care of toddlers who are exhibiting biting behaviors. When biting occurs, our staff members immediately care for the child who was bitten. An Accident Report is completed for each biting incident and recorded in the center’s Injury Log. The parents of the child who bit are also informed via an Incident Report. These reports are signed by the teacher, a member of management, and the parent. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Staff members address a child who has bitten in a firm manner, telling the child that biting hurts and that we only bite food. The child is redirected to another activity, presented with an appropriate object to bite, or otherwise distracted. Staff members may “shadow” a child to help prevent him/her from biting other children. Verbal and sign language are strongly encouraged. Staff members also help the child to identify his/her feelings through acknowledgement. In addition we work very closely with the parents to find effective solutions to changing the behavior.

Little Stepping Stones Staff receives training in regards to toddler behavior, including biting. We work closely with Smart Start, as well as with an Infant/Toddler Specialist and a Behavioral Therapist to ensure that we have ample, age appropriate materials, an age appropriate daily schedule of activities, and that we exhibit effective use of techniques for preventing and changing undesirable behaviors.

The role of the Division of Child Development regarding biting is to observe the classroom for any supervision issues and to ensure that staff members conduct themselves appropriately when biting occurs. The Division of Child Development can not terminate care of children in our program for biting.

Written materials are available regarding biting, which may offer useful information to help parents fully understand biting behavior. Please see a member of management for a copy of our “Biting Binder”. (This document requires parent signature click here for printed document.)

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Below is a copy of the discipline policy and procedures that are in your application packet. It is also given to each member of our staff. (Please print this copy for your records.) Corporal punishment by the staff or management will never be used.

Teachers must maintain control of the children at all times. Thoughtful planning and preparation will help maintain control and helps to prevent discipline problems from occurring. Activities are carefully planned to prevent children from becoming bored or having idle time on their hands. Transitional periods can also be a difficult time for children, therefore the teacher will let the children know what is expected of them ahead of time. Finding fun ways to change from one activity to another helps keep the children’s attention focused in a positive way.

Teachers are diligently aware of potential problems. Close observation will allow staff to stop a problem before it starts.

Redirection and positive language will be used to guide the children's behaviors. Staff will clearly state desired behaviors, model appropriate and healthy behaviors and speak to the children in a respectful manner.

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Little Stepping Stones will provide breakfast, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack for the children. Children will be served family style in their classroom and will be encouraged to feed themselves and to use proper table manners. All children will be encouraged to try a variety of foods, however children are not required to eat all of the food on their plate.

Typically, breakfast will be served at 8:30 am, lunch from 11:30 am - 12 noon, and afternoon snack from 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm. School children will receive afternoon snack upon arriving at the center after school.

The menu will be posted in the lobby and on our website on a monthly basis for daily reference. Menus are planned in accordance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture meal patterns approved for use by the Child Day Care Commission. Information concerning children with food allergies is posted in both the kitchen and the child’s classroom. Please make staff aware of any allergies your child has.

In order to insure compliance with N.C. sanitation rules, providing food from outside the center is allowed as long as it meets the necessary nutritional requirements. Substitutions not meeting these requirements are allowed only when a child is diagnosed with food allergies and a physician’s documentation is provided.

Non-nutritional food items can only be served for special occasions and must be supplemented with nutritional food items. Packaged or baked goods will be the only food items permitted to be brought by parents.

Parents are required to furnish all items for children who do not yet receive table foods. All cereals, jar food, juice, milk or formula must be clearly labeled with your child’s name and dated.

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Should it become necessary for you to withdraw your child from Little Stepping Stones, a two week written notice will be required. All parents will be charged two weeks of tuition at the time the written notice is received by Management. If you choose to leave prior to the conclusion of your two week notice, full payment is still due.

In the event that either the parent or child does not show the ability to conform to the rules and regulations of Little Stepping Stones, we will ask the parent to withdraw his/her child from the center. This measure will only be necessary after reasonable effort has been made to correct the situation.

Little Stepping Stones may give you a two week notice to find alternative care, unless the situation which has occurred becomes harmful to others. Little Stepping Stones reserves the right to ask for a child to be withdrawn immediately.

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When a child receives any bump, scrape, bruise or cut while under the care of any staff member of Little Stepping Stones, an Incident/Accident Report must be filled out. The child’s name, date and time must be written at the top of the report. The nature of the injury will written down and the circumstances of the accident will briefly be described on the report. The teacher will then sign the report and turn it over to a member of Management. Management will review the report, sign it and return it to the teacher.

Upon the arrival of the parent for pick up, he/she is given the report and asked to sign it. The original report is kept in the child’s file, and the copy of the report may be taken home by the parent.

In the event of an emergency, your child will be transported to the pediatrician of your choice, or to the nearest hospital. Every effort will be made to contact you for instructions prior to leaving. If you are unavailable, we will transport your child to the location must appropriate under the circumstances.

The emergency form from your child’s packet will be taken with your child. A member of Management will contact the doctor or hospital to inform them of the situation and our pending arrival. We will continue to attempt to reach you to inform you of the incident/accident and where you should meet your child.

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Please bring several changes of clothing for your child for toilet training accidents or if they become soiled at lunch or outside. Disposable diapers and wipes will be required for your child’s use.

Feel free to bring a special blanket or toy for your child’s crib, or for toddlers‘ use at nap. Blankets must be taken home each week to be washed. Infants will be allowed to have pacifiers in their cribs, but as children become mobile, we encourage you to help us break your child’s need for the pacifier.

Children will not be permitted to walk around the rooms with a pacifier attached to their clothing or in their mouth. When children leave pacifiers accessible to other children, they become a health risk for your child and others. Absolutely no pacifier will be permitted past the Toddler room.

Please dress your child in clothing that is comfortable and washable. Bring a change of clothes (weather appropriate) to remain in your child’s cubby.

If your child is toilet training, we request that you provide several changes of clothes for “accidents”. We further request that you dress your child appropriately for toilet training. This means clothing that is easy to pull up and down (no belts, snaps, buckles, onesies, or overalls).

If it is necessary for your child to have a blanket at nap, it should be machine washable and able to fit in your child’s cubby. It must be taken home each week to be washed. Pillows are not permitted, unless there is a special medical need.

Toys should not be brought from home. Little Stepping Stones will provide ample toys for your child. We do encourage books to be shared with your child’s classmates during story time. Please check with your child’s teacher for scheduling times. Little Stepping Stones will not be responsible for toys that are lost or damaged.

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  When We're Closed

We observe the following holidays, New Years Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Parents are responsible for updating their child's information if it changes. LSS will periodically request updates, but we cannot effectively care for your child today if we don not have accurate information.

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