Little Stepping Stones has two daily care programs, as well as after school and summer programs
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These are some of the questions that parents normally have. If there is something else that we can help you with, please email your child's center (addresses provided on the right.) We will respond within 1 day during operating hours. If your question is urgent, you can always call or drop in at your convenience.

Do I pay tuition if my child is absent?
Tuition is charged for the space used, not attendance. You are welcome to use the space as needed. Tuition is required weekly and can be paid at the center by cash, check or credit card.

My child was sent home with a fever, when can he/she come back to daycare?
Our sick policy states that if a child is sent home for illness, they need to be kept out of day care for 24 hours after symptoms subside or with a physicians’ note stating the child is not contagious. This policy helps prevent illness from spreading.

When will my child move up to the next classroom?
Children develop at their own rate. Your child will benefit the most from each classroom with gentle guidance and positive reinforcement. When your child is developmentally ready for the next classroom, you will receive a note stating that your child is scheduled to move up. Your child will visit for two weeks prior to move-up time at various intervals during the day to help with the transition.

What if my child can't keep up in some areas?
We realize that children are individuals, and each child’s needs will be met to the best of our ability.  Children will be given obtainable goals to achieve and then to exceed.  Positive guidance will be given to achieve these goals.  Your child will be encouraged to participate in group activities, but will be allowed to observe quietly, or given alternative choices. 

My child cries at pick up and drop off time, is this normal?
Children start experiencing separation anxiety around the age of 7 months. It is not unusual for your child to express these feelings in the form of crying. Throughout the day your child may experience times of missing you, our staff will comfort and reassure your child that you are coming back as soon as possible. Children in the preschool years do not have a concept of time, so staff saying “later” is a sufficient statement of when you are coming back.

My child has been bitten in the classroom, what can I do and what happens to the child that does the biting?
Little Stepping Stones is proactive when it comes to teaching alternate behaviors to biting. Children bite for various reasons, including frustration, teething, affection and lack of language. The more language we can provide via verbal and sign will aid children in finding alternate solutions to biting their friends. Biting is age appropriate in the younger age groups, so LSS takes a teaching approach vs. a punishing approach to biting. We comfort the child that has been bitten, wash the area and tell them we are sorry their friend bit them. We let the child that has bitten know that it is not nice to bite their friends and teeth are for food. Our biting policy is provided to each parent when they register their child at the center. More information is available from management if needed.

When I pick up my child, it seems they are always just playing? Are they learning what they need to get ready for school?
Children learn from play. When children play, they are developing skills such as cooperation, coordination, listening skills and how to manage themselves in a group. These skills are essential to school success. Throughout the day there age many opportunities for learning. Teacher-directed activities are offered via circle time, art time and story time. Free-choice is available for your child in order to help with social and cognitive skills.

What happens if I am late picking up my child?
Our normal hours of operation are from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. When parents are late, staff must stay with their children. As a result, there is a late pickup fee of $1.00 per minute per child after 6:30 pm and a $5.00 per minute fee for children picked up after 6:35 p.m..


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