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choose below  childhood development traits for waddlers  

At LSS, a baby becomes a waddler when they start to crawl, usually around 7-8 months. In the table below, we've identified some milestones that children reach by the time they are 15 months old. These are just guidelines, please remember that all children advance at their own pace.


 Social & Emotional

8 - 9 months

laughs out loud

9 months

screams to get their own way

9-15 months

Play is activity only for present moment; fears the unfamiliar - people, places, things. Beginning a sense of separate self.



6 -12 months

imitation sound games; responds to a variety of sounds; makes vowel sounds, acquires receptive language; cries to communicate.


Physical - Motor Skills

7 months


8 months

sits up unaided; pulls to standing position; pincer grasp established

9 months


10 months feeds self with spoon
11 months stands alone, cruises

12 months

first steps; can move hands in rotation to turn knobs


Intellectual -Cognitive

7-10 months

solves simple problems (i.e. knocks over box to get toy)

8 months

begins to believe in permanence of objects; follows simple instruction

8-12 months has intent behind actions
11 months begins trial and error experimentation
12 months plays drop and retrieve games; pat-a-cake; explores with hands and fingers; smiles; vocalizes at image in mirror


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