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choose below  child development traits for two year olds  

In the table below, we've identified some milestones that children reach during their two's. These are just guidelines, please remember that all children advance at their own pace.


 Social & Emotional

2 years

self-centered; unable to share; possessive; clings to familiar; resistant to change; insists on routines


dependent; likes one adult at a time; treats people like inanimate objects


quits readily, easily frustrated; goes to extremes; impulsive, shifts activities suddenly; easily distracted

  pushes and shoves; finicky, fussy eater, some food jags;
  refers to self by name; dawdles; watches others, likes people, excited by own capabilities



2 years

Uses two and three word sentences; uses telegraphic sentences - "Throw ball"; can match words with objects; repeats words and phrases

  Me, Mine, most prominent pronouns; can't articulate feelings; has difficulty with pronunciation; frustrated when not understood; may stutter;
  Spontaneous language, rhythmic, repetitive; constant talking; interested in sound; sings phrases of songs, not on pitch, uses 50 - 300 words


Physical - Motor Skills

2 years

uses whole-body action; pushes, pulls and pokes; climbs into things; leans forward while running; climbs stairs one by one


dependent on adults for dressing; can help undress; have reached one-half their height potential


bladder/bowel control begins; feeds self; grasps cup with two hands; cuts last teeth

  awkward with small objects; lugs, tumbles, topples - unsteady on feet; alternates hands, developing a preference;
  watches others; likes people; expresses emotions bodily; sensory-oriented; has difficulty relaxing


Intellectual -Cognitive

2 years

recognizes, explores physical characteristics; investigates with touch and taste; understands familiar concepts;


intrigued by water, washing; likes to fill and empty things; recalls where toys are left;

  does one thing at a time;has limited attention span; lives in present - no concept of yesterday or tomorrow;
  needs own name used; remembers order of routines; classifies people by gender; names familiar objects in books


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