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At LSS, a waddler becomes a toddler usually around 15 months. In the table below, we've identified some milestones that children reach before they are two. These are just guidelines, please remember that all children advance at their own pace.


 Social & Emotional

15 months to 2 years

totally self-centered and egocentric;likes to be noticed, wants an audience; lacks inhibitions


insists on own way, assertive; likes doing things by self; strong sense of ownership


independent with self identity; plays by self in playpen; refers to self by name

  laughs loudly at peek-a-boo; cries when left alone; relates better to adults than children; talks mostly to self; mimics adult behavior
  curious, active, eager; usually friendly; experiences and shows shame



15 months to 2 years

Enjoys talking to self; uses some two-word phrases; babbles in own jargon; uses sounds with gestures

  Names closest relatives; repeats adult's words; shakes head no; points to communicate needs and wants
  Responds to directions to fetch, point; obeys verbal requests; Answers "what's that?"; understands simple phrases; uses 5 - 50 words


Physical - Motor Skills

15 months to 2 years

awkward coordination; chubby body; tottering stance; creeps when in a hurry


Walk with increasing confidence - feet wide apart, arms out, head forward; finds it difficult to turn corners


Backs into chair to sit down; can squat for long periods of time; loves to be on the move; runs with stiff, flat gait.

  likes to push-pull objects; uses whole arm movements; carry and dump is a favorite activity; likes holding objects with both hands
  scribbles; turns pages two or three a time; learns to work with large zipper


Intellectual -Cognitive

15 months to 2 years

points to objects in books; matches similar objects; fits round block in round hole


loves opposites - up/down, yes/no; imitates simple tasks; follows one direction

  Interests shift quickly; short attention span; gives up easily but is easily engaged
  conclusions are important - close doors, shut books; thinks with feet, very action-oriented; builds tower of three or four small blocks.


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