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choose below  childhood development traits for five's 

Children in the Pre-K II are normally five years old and are preparing to attend kindergarten in the coming year. In the table below, we've identified some milestones that children reach when during their fours. These are just guidelines, please remember that all children advance at their own pace.


 Social & Emotional

5 years

poised, self-confident and self-contained; sensitive to ridicule; have a sense of self-identity; have to be right, persistent


may get silly and wild; enjoys pointless riddles and jokes; chooses own friends, is sociable


enjoys group play and competitive games; aware of rules, defines them for others; gets involved with group decisions; insists on fair play

  likes adult companionship; accepts, respects authority; asks permission; remains calm in emergencies



5 years

uses big words and complete sentences; can define simple words; spells out simple words

  takes turns in conversation; has clear ideas and articulates them; uses words to give and receive information
  insists "I already know that!"; asks questions to learn answers; thinks out loud
  makes up songs; enjoys dictating stories; answers the telephone, takes messages; uses 1500 words


Physical - Motor Skills

5 years

completely coordinated, has adult-like posture; runs lightly on toes; has tremendous physical drive; sometimes roughhouses or fights


Catches ball from three feet away; skips using alternate feet; enjoys jumping, running doing stunts; rides a two wheeler; balances on balance beam; jumps rope; likes to dance

  draws a recognizable person; cuts on line with scissors; begins to color within the lines
  likes to use fine motor skills; learns how to tie bow knot; has accuracy with simple tools; dresses self completely


Intellectual -Cognitive

5 years

curious about everything, want to know how or why constantly; likes to display new knowledge and skills; somewhat conscious of ignorance


attention span is noticeably increased; makes a plan, follows it, centers on task:

  can count 10 objects, rote count to 20; sorts objects by name or single characteristic; sorts objects by color and shape; understands concept of smallest, less than and one-half
  understands tomorrow and yesterday; knows what a calendar is used for; may tell time accurately on the hour; knows name, address, town;


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