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choose below  child development traits for infants  

The table below gives some milestones that your child will experience as he or she grows. These are just guidelines, please remember that all children advance at their own pace.


 Social & Emotional

0-1 month

cries to express concerns; bonding begins

4-10 weeks

social smiles

2 months

begins social games

3 months

distinguishes familiar faces; turns head to human voice; smiles in response to smile; kicks, waves in response; cries when left alone; recognizes parent

4 months

genuine laugh; smiles when spoken to; loves attention

5 - 12 months

stranger anxiety

6 months

distinguishes between voices; babbles at strangers; develops attachment; beings to play imitation games, plays peek-a-boo; sensitive to parental moods



0-1 month

cries to express needs; turns heads to voices

6-8 weeks

coos; gestures to communicate: pushes objects away; squirms; reaches out to people, pouts; smacks lips; shrieks and points

2 months

voluntary vocal sounds

3 months


4 months

genuine laugh; smiles when spoken to; loves attention

6 months

imitation sound games; responds to a variety of sounds; makes vowel sounds, acquires receptive language; cries to communicate.


Physical - Motor Skills

0-12 months

grows by 10 to 12 inches; triples birth weight; lengthens by 40%, doubles brain size, grows full head of hair

4 months

sees, grasp objects

5 months

examines fingers; sits when propped

6 months

rolls over; discovers feet; teething begins


Intellectual -Cognitive

0-1 months

responds to mother's voice; sense function, especially pain and touch

10 weeks

memory is evident

4 months

smiles of recognition

7-10 months

solves simple problems (i.e. knocks over box to get toy)




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